Funter Bay History

I grew up in Funter Bay, a small community in Southeast Alaska with a long history. I have begun documenting and describing the history of the area in the blog section of this website, something I’ve meant to do in one form or another for some time. I’ve been able to use many of my own photos, local stories and information, as well as a surprising amount of material which is hiding online or in various libraries. I encourage anyone who has more information on this topic to contact me, I’m always interested in stories, photos, or documents related to Funter Bay. Also, please contact me if I have made any mistakes, gotten any details wrong, or failed to correctly credit a source. Any mistakes are probably my own, not the fault of my sources or collaborators, and I am always open to new information. If some detail is hard to confirm or uncertain, I will try to make that clear.

This is not intended to be a travel guide or tourist brochure, visitors to Funter Bay are cautioned that most of these sites are privately owned and/or dangerous due to their age. If you happen to go there, please do not damage or remove anything you may find. I have also tried to respect the privacy of current residents and cabin owners, if anyone has issues with how I’ve presented something, please let me know.

The following posts on my blog cover Funter Bay history (this blog also has many other posts including my projects, rants, etc). I will try to keep this list up-to-date, but you can also search by the category of “Funter Bay History” or by the tag “Funter Bay History“.

Funter Bay History Topics:

A 1906 Visit
Aerial Photo – 1926
Aerial Photo – 1929
Aids to Navigation
Aircraft Mishaps
Aleut Internment
Part I
Aleut Internment Part II
Annual Cannery Reports
Antonova, Helen (Mining Engineer)
Assorted Cannery Things
Assorted Machinery
Barron family (cannery founders)
Boats of Funter Bay
Cannery Tender Operations
Cannery Timeline & Land Hijinks
Cannery in 1929
Cannery in the 1970s
Cannery in the 1990s
Cannery Postcards and General Info
Cannery Postcards from the 1920s
Cannery Shipping & Maintenance
Cannery Workers in the 1920s
Canning Process
Census Takers and Logging Camps
Commercial Fishermen

Commercial Fishermen Part II
Commercial Fishermen Part III
Congressional Visit
Dano Mine
Dano Mine Part II
Drugs, Labor, & The Company Store
Early Tourism
Fish Buying Station
Fish Traps and Fish Pirates
Fish Trap Locations
Fur Farming and Trapping
Health & Medicine
Johnson, Ed (bootlegger)
Locomotive Headlamp
Mansfield & other small mines
Maps of Funter Bay
“Mayor” of Funter Bay
Merrin, Harold
Mountain Views
Murder and Mayhem
Mystery Engine
Mystery Engine Part II
Mystery Photos
Navy Ships
Old Man’s Draft
Ordway Aerial 1929
Patrick, Fred (fisherman)

Post Office
Scow Bay (Part II)
Seattle High School Students
Ships Part IV
Shorty’s Cabin
Steam Donkey
Steam Power & Internal Combustion
Steamships and Mail Boats
Tall Tales
Trails & Boardwalks
Water & Hydropower
Water & Hydropower Part II
Willoughby, Richard (prospector)

Some possible future topics:

More cannery photos
More Fishermen
More mining history

2 Responses to Funter Bay History

  1. Laveda says:

    I spent my first year of life living in Funter with my commercial fishermen, folks. It is a great historical place, for sure! Thanks for writing about this little historical place!

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