Funter Bay History: Mystery Photos

These photos were mixed in with some of the 1920s postcards and photographs that I’ve recently been posting. They are not labeled or otherwise identified, and the exact locations are uncertain. As they were included with a large amount of Funter Bay material, it is possible they are from the Funter area. However, the same collection also had some identifiable pictures of Juneau and Taku Inlet.

This photo shows a woman in a white dress and white shoes, standing on steps in front of a building:


The above photo was possibly taken at one of the Tlingit Native houses on the hill behind the cannery, as seen in the zoomed-in image below (from a photo earlier posted). The windows, doors, and steps seem to match. Some of these houses look like they could be very small duplexes:


The next mystery photo shows a waterfall. I don’t recognize this as immediately near Funter Bay, but it could be higher on the mountain or somewhere else on Admiralty Island. It could also be somewhere closer to Juneau.


The last photo shows a group of people, possibly about to light a fire. These may be local Tlingit Natives. The setting suggests the shore just above the high tide line.


If any readers have ideas or suggestions, please let me know! As usual, you can email me at


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