Funter Bay History: The misadventures of Fred Patrick

April 30, 2013

This guy seems to have lived an “interesting” life… I came across his name several times in old newspaper archives and notes on local history. The Kinky Bayers note cards mention him several times. Fred Patrick owned the fishing vessel Fearless and resided in or fished out of Funter Bay in the 1930s.

As previously mentioned, in October of 1938: Geo. Ford’s troller was found sunk in Funter Bay, he and Fred Patrick were missing for three days but turned up at Funter.


He seems to have had bad luck with guns: In October of 1931, Fred Patrick shot Harold Tipton in the foot during a drinking bout at Funter. In September 1939, Fred Patrick lost an eye and his nose when a shotgun went off in his face at Elfin Cove (also from Kinky Bayers notes).



Iin 1934, Fred Patrick was part of a march of unemployed men on the federal building in Juneau, demanding food benefits.

Fred’s dog Wiggles was stolen in 1934.


Fred’s boat was disabled in Echo Cove in 1938, and a hunter who was on board went ashore, never to be seen again.

The Fearless was a 33ft fishing boat built in 1916 at Berkely, CA. It had a 60hp gas engine and a crew of one. Reg. # 237891. Owner in 1942 was Fred R. Patrick of Juneau. In 1945 the boat is listed as abandoned.

That’s all I’ve been able to find so far on the (mis)adventures of Fred, if anything more turns up I will update this!