More critters!

April 27, 2012

Even more old photos of critters from back in Alaska!

Megan posted about this on Facebook a while back, it’s a Bald Eagle that we found swimming in the ocean near the bay. We assumed it went after a fish a little too large to carry, and wasn’t able to lift off again. Our dad offered it a pole to grab, which it did, and then it started sliding towards him as he lifted the pole up! It ended up perched on the rail of the boat for a while as we went closer to shore, then it tried to fly, splashed back into the water, and was last seen doing the Eagle-stroke towards the beach.

Speaking of critters on the boat, here’s Mandy the cat, who grew up on board Dad’s fishing boat Imperial. She ended up with an un-cat-like acceptance of water, and would occasionally jump in and swim to shore. She survived over 20 years of being an outdoor cat in the woods, attempting to eat/fight pretty much every type of local wildlife (She was once dropped into the water while trying to cling to an angry seagull, and on another occasion Dad caught her trying to sneak up on an eagle). She’s in the lower left of the last picture, waiting for the humans to finish showing off and feed her some salmon noms.

Our neighbor Harvey once had a pet deer that would come inside and sleep by the fire. It even figured out how to open doors. This was a bit before my time, the photos are from my Dad.


Another one of Dad’s photos, spot the brown bear standing on a rock! (Hint, he’s over towards the right). The bear swam out to sea for some reason, maybe to look for food. This is at Cape Spencer lighthouse at the end of a small island chain, so he had already swum quite a way from the mainland:

And here’s what happens when bears get into a cabin… these were the bear version of teenage delinquents, two juveniles who got kicked out early when their mother had another cub. Someone may have fed them garbage, teaching them that humans have tasty food. Then they learned how to break down doors and find more food in cabins. They spent a summer eating all the sugar, canned food, and beer they could find in local buildings (rumor has it they preferred Miller and wouldn’t touch Bud).