Current status of the rustmobile: Sold!

This is another rusty project for me to break. A 1994 Honda Accord, with about 10 billion miles on it, the power and performance of a 1970s lawnmower, and the habit of shedding parts at random times.

Yes, this is my first car ever. I’m probably some kind of communist for buying one that won’t keep me in debt for 10 years, and that gets (slightly) better than 2 mpd (miles per dinosaur). After making fun of city folk for not knowing the bow from the stern of a boat, I’m now getting funny looks when I refer to this as a “Civic”, and getting laughed at when I call the hood the trunk. Apparently, it’s also illegal to install rockets behind the headlights and a smokescreen in the exhaust, although I can still paint the bat logo on the er… front… if I want.

My patch job (above the rear wheel) before and immediately after. The rust came back about 5 minutes later.

And now for the important stuff! What kind of stupid electronic accessories are going in here?

So far: Really old GPS on really old pocket PC (currently not working), a Ham radio (with homebrew antenna), several aftermarket stereos that either don’t work and/or keep getting stolen, and maybe a CB so I can pretend to be Burt Reynolds.

My homemade UHF antenna after being tuned up and trimmed.


4 Responses to Rustmobile

  1. Chris Crewdson says:

    Totally sweet!

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  4. steve says:

    find small sink plunger drill hole through centre push through antenna and stick it to the metal

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