In addition to being obsessed with broken computers, I’m also into radios and communications. I got my amateur technician class license a few years back, my callsign is KL1FI. Aside from a few forrays into 2M and 70CM I haven’t done much with it, mainly I’ve been pack-ratting equipment and keep intending to set up some kind of better rig when I have time/space for it.

I used to have some pictures of old radio junk on my former page (may still be accessible at However, I’ve since disposed of most of it, since it was either too old, too broken, or too bulky to do anything with. Sadly there wasn’t much interest in tube and crystal-controlled radios from the modern geek crowd. Below are a few samples of stuff I currently and formerly had:

My current projects involve installing a 70cm Ham radio in my car, listening to the entertaining traffic on the CB channels, and trying to remember how to program ARMER into my scanner.

Some related resources:

Fairbanks Scanner Frequencies:

MN Metroscan (Twin Cities Scanner Frequencies):


2 Responses to Radios

  1. Blair says:

    Where do i start? I would like to learn ham radio, but dont know what website or where do i start?

    • Hi Blair, I used a printed book to study for my tech license, its been a while though so Im not sure what the best book or website is today. If there are any ham clubs that meet near you, they would be a great resource. Ive always found them really helpful and generous to beginners.

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