This page currently includes a few photos and info on some of my past computer projects, proving my super-nerd status. Most of this is left over from college at UAF from about 2000 to 2005.

Casemods, including the paint job on my old Linux Box, and adding a window to the P4 Dell I found in the trash at UAF back in the 2000s.

And the more redneck approach to casemods, when you have all the components but can’t afford an actual case:

For a while I collected Tandy “Model T” TRS-80 laptops and similar early attempts at mobile computing. Sadly I’ve had to cut back on my collection due to limited storage space.At one point I had the 100, 102, 200, WP-2, acoustic coupler, tape drive, and PDD2. Also for some reason, an HX-20 full of custom reindeer-monitoring BASIC programs from the UAF trash.

Another approach to minimalist case design: nails in drywall. Coming soon to an art museum near you.


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