Handheld Starlink Satellite detector

Starlink has been in the news a lot lately, partly for its revolutionary satellite internet service and partly for its supposed impacts on astronomy. While I can’t afford an actual Starlink ground station / Dishy, I heard that some of their transmissions are detectable with common household items! Well, maybe common for me, with a garage full of electronics garbage. And only the beacon or tracking signals, not the actual internet data.

Anyway, all you need for this is a software defined radio (SDR) like this one, and a universal satellite dish LNB like this. You don’t even need the actual dish, the Starlink satellites are so low and broadcast so strongly that the LNB by itself can hear them.

I hooked it up to my handheld Picorder and voila!

3 Responses to Handheld Starlink Satellite detector

  1. […] will discover a extra detailed breakdown of the challenge on the official saveitforparts weblog. A latest replace showcases the Starlink detecting improve. If you wish to recreate this Raspberry […]

  2. […] detailed breakdown of the project can be found on the official website. saveitforparts blogA recent update introduces the Starlink detection upgrade. If you want to recreate this Raspberry Pi […]

  3. […] can find a more detailed breakdown of the project on the official saveitforparts blog. A recent update showcases the Starlink detecting upgrade. If you want to recreate this Raspberry […]

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