More Silly DIY “Weapons”

Recently I built a couple more “dangerous” things. Not for any particular reason, but more as a way to use up extra junk that’s been accumulating in my garage.

First up was a trebuchet (historic siege weapon) made out of old kayak paddles! I have dozens of these paddles that I pulled out of a dumpster, and I’ll probably eventually sell the good ones once garage sales are safe again. The damaged ones went into this project. It’s honestly not very good, I can probably throw farther than this can. Maybe I’ll build a bigger one in the future.

The second one is an air cannon made out of an old nailgun. Again, this is just something I had lying around, also rescued from the trash. It actually works frighteningly well with just a PVC pipe hammered onto the front and some ball bearings in it.

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