The Magical World of Sandland!

Have you ever wanted to create mazes, dig tunnels, built forts in the woods, or hang out in a huge multi-acre playground? Who hasn’t! Sandland is a rural property that one of my friends bought to do just that! It has all of the above and more!

For readers familiar with my monorail project, Sandland is where the train now lives. The main purpose of the property is the underground tunnels dug out of the sandstone bedrock. The surface of Sandland also has lots of fun surface structures and creations built by all kinds of people. From tunnels to treehouses to ziplines to everything in between, Sandland is an ever-evolving project!

You can follow the latest updates and see more photos on the owner’s website, You can also check out the Facebook page or email the owner here.

Coming soon, I’ll have a video tour of Sandland on my Youtube channel!

One Response to The Magical World of Sandland!

  1. Richard Pettit says:

    THANKS for  sharing this – you truly are a fun and innovative person!   Jane Pettit (former MNZOO monorail guide)  🙂

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