Monorails to New York

After I purchased a monorail train from the Minnesota Zoo, I was contacted by some folks from New York who plan to start a monorail museum. As I had apparently become an “expert” at getting 1970s monorail cars onto trailers, they asked me to help with the loading process once they purchased the remaining cars.


With larger commercial vehicles and powered winches available, the move went a lot faster! We were able to get 4 cars per load on two trailers.

0912150746 0912150800a 0912150843b

We moved out all 11 remaining cars in three loads this way. On the final trip they also picked up some wheel bogies to add to the museum display.

0912151024 0912151130 1017151116

The service barn looks very empty now with no trains parked inside!


Kim Pedersen with the Monorail Society was instrumental in connecting me with the museum people. You can check out Kim’s new book here (it’s great, especially for reading while in a monorail!)


2 Responses to Monorails to New York

  1. dgw says:

    You kept it pretty vague, just “some folks from New York”. Now, three years later, I tried finding this monorail museum said folks were planning to open and didn’t come up with anything particularly relevant in web searches. Did you ever hear anything about what happened after the loaded trailers left Minnesota?

    • I’m not sure how far along the NY folks are with their museum plans. I do know that they bought a former Disney train as well, so they might still be in the “collecting exhibits” phase. It probably takes a few years to get something like that up and running, if I find out any updates I’ll share it on my blog!

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