Monorail Extras

Work is gradually progressing on the monorail train, which has proven to be a wonderful place to camp out! As we work on remodeling and fixing up the train I will have more posts with photos and progress reports, but for now here are a few monorail-related odds and ends. First is a 1979 T-shirt design I came across:


And a 1984 postcard of the monorail in operation:


And some original monorail fare tokens from the zoo:

Monorail token web

I’ve made a few custom bumper stickers:


And here are a few more photos of the train’s origin, in case anyone is curious what the zoo side of things looks like. Some of these facilities might not be around much longer.

The abandoned MN Zoo monorail station (soon to become a new animal attraction):



Some pictures of the abandoned monorail track:

track4SONY DSC


In the maintenance barn with two trains parked inside:


Some close-ups of how a monorail bogie mounts to a car (normally this would be hidden between two cars, but one car has been de-coupled):

bogie3   bogie1

And a close-up of the transition from maintenance track (two rails for caster wheels) to monorail track (center beam for tires):


The remaining monorail cars from the zoo are destined for an East Coast museum.







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