Blast(s) from the past!

No, it’s not more Funter Bay History this time, just some local website archeology! I dug up a few horrifying old versions of this very website, from back when I actually pretended to know what HTML was for and didn’t just coast on WordPress! (I totally recommend WordPress to everyone now, it is way easier!)

First off, a proto-website, from the murky days of High School.



Those were the days when teachers encouraged you to share far too much personal data! “Hey teenagers, why not put everything about yourselves online! Throw your home address and phone number on there! Why not some high school transcripts? How about your birth certificate, mother’s maiden name, SSN, and blood type? It’s The Wonderful Internet, the more you share the better you’ll network and get jobs and no one would ever misuse such information!”. Even today people are shocked about how much I share about myself online (or at least, they’re shocked that I do it on an old fashioned website and not more quickly and efficiently with Facebook!)

The proto-website “portfolio” never made it onto, although I did have it linked until my high school eventually dumped that server in an old WWII hangar like they usually did with old tech (100% true). in early 2000 (Oh noes the frames and the animated GIFs they BURN MY EYES!)


It got better pretty quickly, although by late 2000 it kind of looked like a website designed inside a comic book…


By 2003 I seem to have gone with a more toned-down theme:



This look remained into at least 2009, by which time I was only a decade or so behind in moving towards this newfangled blogging style thingy.



And um… here’s some recursion into the current look so that I can come back to this post in another 14 years and say “Oh noes look at these awful templates and headers! This shouldn’t be on the NeoInterTubes! How could I have been so foolish to share photos of myself and enable identity theft cloning!”





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