What brings you here?

It’s always interesting to look at the search terms that bring someone to a site. For my website I often assume that most of my visitors are friends and family, with maybe a few hobbyists drawn by my projects or research. It turns out there’s a wide range of searches that lead people to saveitforparts.com! Here are a few interesting ones (per my stats page).

“redneck sailboat” (71 visitors)

“free kayak plans plywood” (lots of visitors from variants of this, maybe I should put some actual plans online!)

“bayliner buccaneer 240” (again, lots of traffic from variants, hopefully Pagoo is interesting/useful to these people!)

“rusty 1994 honda accord” / “worlds crappiest car”

“airboat with wheels” (and variants on the small airboat theme)

“dont do drugs” (I have no idea what page matched this, but 6 people got here with this search!)

“messy basement” and “messy garage” (Thanks, Internet. Now I have to clean my place:-P)

“redneck raft”

“is course hero worth it” (No)

“how to steal notes from coursehero” (just Google it, that’s all they do to get content in the first place)

“umn advanced gis geog 5563” (see, this guy knows how to cheat without paying a fee for it!)

“design to withstand mine subsidence” (Your design would have to withstand falling into a massive pit, can your house fly? I would suggest getting a map of your local mines and not building over one. For the price of a custom design you could probably pay for some ground penetrating radar or exploratory drilling on your property instead)

“fishing jokes” (yeah, I have exactly one so far :-P)

“define:rustmobile” (OK)

“potato gun plans” (and some variants, I’m glad the spud guns are at least kinda popular)

“monarchmobile” (not mine, but I still see it around town sometimes, I passed it on I-94 the other day).

“redneck casemods” (the redneck theme keeps showing up 🙂 )

“how are mine shafts filled in” (sometimes with bed springs)

“platja des caragol” (apparently this means “Beach from Snail” in Catalan? Somehow 3 people found my site from this…)

“does a cat like to swim” (sometimes, but experiments are not advisable)


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