Alaskan Mine Names

I recently came across a large collection of mine names in Alaska. Names containing “Treasure”, “Rich”, “Jumbo”, “Bonanza”, etc are quite popular as a way to entice investors, but here are a few less enticing and perhaps more descriptive mine names!

Bum Cat
Holy Moses
Troublesome Creek
Wicked Witch
Crazy Mountain
Singin’ Sam’s Rainbow Mine
Problem Gulch
Poor Chance
Slug Gulch
The Smell
Whiskey Creek
Smuggler’s Cover
Agony #1 & 2
Aching Back

And of course, a few named after wives, girlfriends, or perhaps local ladies of negotiable affection:

Lucky Lou
Clara Bea
Fanny Gulch
Nancy’s Hope Chest
Pricilla’s Delight
Darling Creek
Sweetheart Ridge
Little Sue
Lucky Nell
Lucky Lady
Maid of Mexico
Busty Belle
Double D Mining Co

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