Update on the cannery tender Barron F

I recently heard from the current owner of the Barron F, who very generously sent some photos of the boat. Steven Starnes is planning to drop the current name “Frank F“, and return the boat’s original name. He is hoping to bring her back to Southeast Alaska for her 100th birthday, and would like to see her in a museum.

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I also found a few more details on the boat’s history, which I will post below. As I mentioned in some earlier posts, the Barron F was one of the Funter Bay cannery tenders owned by James T. Barron.

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The US Merchant Vessel Registry from 1918 says the Barron F was built in 1917 in Seattle and home port was Portland, OR. 65.2ft long, 17ft beam, 7.3ft draft. Fishing service, crew of 7. 85hp gas engine. 50 Gross tons, 42 Net tons. In 1919 the home port is listed as Juneau.

The H. W. McCurdy Marine History says that the Barron F was built by the National Shipbuilding Co of Seattle. That company was founded on Jan 1 1917. Their 4-acre yard was located at 655 Gordon St in Seattle, and executive offices at 1023 Alaska Bldg. Officers were J.F. Lane, J.L. McLean, and Loren Grimstead. They had about 200 employees in the yard. (from Pacific Ports Annual, 1919).

In 1918 the owners pulled out the Barron F‘s 3-cylinder Atlas “distillate engine” and sold it, it was said to be installed in the spring of 1917 and only used for 3 or 4 months. It was listed for sale for $4,900. (from Pacific Motorboat, Vol 10)

In 1959 the Frank F was mentioned as the “old Barron F, a Nakat tender”. It was owned by Rollin Crump of Astoria and had been converted to a dragger working out of the Columbia River. It had an A-C 21000 (probably Aliss Chalmers 6-cylinder) with a Capitol 3.88 to 1 reduction gear, which got it up to 10 knots, noted as “a good two knots over any previous known speed for the boat”. During a 14-day trip the vessel used 1000 gallons of diesel. (From Pacific Fisherman Yearbook Vol 57).

Thanks again to Steven for letting me use his photos!

2 Responses to Update on the cannery tender Barron F

  1. gpcox says:

    I know a man and daughter team that fish out of Homer. Such beautiful country.

  2. […] Below is another Thlinket Packing Co boat, the Barron F, seen in front of the cannery wharf with Highwater Island and Mt. Robert Barron behind. This 98-year-old boat is still working the West Coast, I have a number of photos courtesy of the present owner available here. […]

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