More house updates

A few new photos from the house:

Living room

Closeups of the living room display cases, with some of the junk I’ve collected over the years (beachcombed, dug up, garage sales, etc).

Custom cat architecture. For finicky darn cat who’s scared of the basement.

Less messy basement!

Way less messy garage with room to park, work on boat(s), etc!

My fire “ring” is more of a fire square.

Wobbler plays with Alaskan action figures… Hootchies (fishing lures).


2 Responses to More house updates

  1. Dude! It’s looking like an actual house and everything. Nice work!

  2. Sharon Skarda says:

    Wow..I can’t believe how organized you are. I really like the house, it’s a Gabe house and I’m really happy for you Gabe.

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