New Garage Roof! (And random stuff)

The garage at my new house had a big rotten area in the front of the roof. It’s a flat roof, so the rot just got worse over time, with the roof settling in that area and forming a pond, letting even more water through. The pond was so big you could see it on satellite photos of the property 😛

So, here’s what I did about it:

Original roof appearance:

What the decking looked like under the tar (wet!)

What the joists looked like, note that one of them has crumbled completely into dust:

So after removing all the rotten wood I could find, the first step was new joists:

Then some new plywood:

Then some actual roofers who know how to do tar and gravel!

And finally I have my very own gravel patch! There might even be some agates up there…

In my spare (ha!) time, I’ve been working on setting up the house network, office, and server room. Priorities, you know 😛

When I got it, the server rack looked like surplus from a ’70s-themed porn website. Giggidy!

Server rack now;

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