Weaseling their way in.

Here’s the first part of what may be multiple posts on “Animals that got in the house”.

This is a pair of Least Weasels (Or Ermine in the winter when they turn white). They hung out around the house for a few weeks one spring/summer, and were quite fearless towards humans and pets (the dog tried to chase them, but the cat ignored them). They would come up to people and take food from your hand, and occasionally got inside the house despite our attempts to keep them out (they fit through tiny holes and crevices. One night we were eating dinner and heard two thumps, the weasels had squeezed through a crack above a shelf and fallen out on the floor). Eventually they must have moved on to hassle someone else, but we occasionally got their relatives showing up in the entry mudroom sniffing after dogfood or bones.



Another weasel in his winter Ermine coat trying to cart off one of the dog’s bones larger than himself!

(Link goes to my Flickr page)


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