Scanning the Photo Albums

Over Winter break I went through a bunch of old photo albums at my parents’ house and copied some of the interesting ones. I’ll probably be posting them off and on as I organize them into themes (current possible themes include “Animals that got inside the house”, “Homemade Boats”, and “Things you don’t normally see swimming”).

Here are a few to start off. These are from my childhood, like late 80s and early-mid 90s.

The house at Funter Bay on a snowy day. Normally winter was just wet, and snow didn’t tend to last very long.

Refuelling the property via landing craft. This is also how people got things like vehicles and large generators delivered.

The mail box at Funter Bay. Mail came once a week via seaplane when I was growing up.

Early efforts at boat building. I think the foam block on top was the lifeboat… Megan wisely went with the inflatable torpedo thing.

A small sailboat that our Dad made from an old rowboat. I seem to remember it worked pretty well downwind.

School day at the kitchen table.

Southeast Alaska: Sometimes your front yard floats away.

One Response to Scanning the Photo Albums

  1. This is the childhood that I longed for growing up; I thought it only existed in books. Thank you for opening this door for me and others to see what your life was like then.


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