Some Recent Web Projects

I’ve been working off and on with several websites for my job, primarily using WordPress as a basis. I’ve found it quite a bit quicker and easier to update (which is partly why is now on wordpress!). In other ways, I’ve found WP to have some limitations, and migrating a traditional site to a blog-based site can certainly have it’s hiccups and roadblocks. There are several parts of that are still offline or broken. I also have some pet peeves about WP, such as its tendency to make certain content mysteriously vanish, or force-format your posts into what it *thinks* you want, rather than what you’ve explicitly laid out in html moments before. Overall though, it’s very convenient, easy for multiple technical or non-technical people to manage and update, and lends itself fairly well to the type of content I’m working with.

Some of the work-related sites that I currently manage are:

The Hudson Professional Building Leasing Website

Swan Leasing’s main website for Minneapolis

Rorem Realty (Currently offering Retail/Commercial in Osseo)

And additionally, I’ve been working on a site advertising my parents’ house in Alaska:

Funter Bay Alaska homestead for sale

Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend in my layouts 🙂


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