Redneck Sailboat Redux

Finally got the Shoebox out on the water! Also got a lot of water in the boat, as the fiberglass turned out to not be very waterproof! Fortunately we had some swim goggles and half a water bottle to bail with. We also had Alex from Milwaukee to take photos and run rings around us in his inflatable raft.

There was little to no wind on Lake Nokomis, but we got occasional puffs that let us try out the homemade sails (blue tarps). Everything seems to work, although we’d need more wind to get a better idea of the handling and performance. I’m not so sure that our homemade sails are the best shape (they’re based on a design from a 1920s Popular Mechanics boat book!)

I think I should have made the mast a bit taller, the sail plan seems stubby now. The guy who started the hull intended it to use a Sea Snark sail, which is probably similar in overall area.

It’s like Swallows and Amazons of the urban jungle 😛


2 Responses to Redneck Sailboat Redux

  1. Ben Brockert says:

    I’m thinking of building another boat. I’m having a hard time deciding what, though.

    I’d like to have a catamaran party boat, but would likely not have it done in time to use this summer. Maybe a project to start in the winter. Maybe rig it for a kite sail.

    I really want to build a small single seat electric ekranoplan, but that’s a project and a half. Suddenly floating the right side up is the easiest of the requirements.

  2. […] of this site will recall some of my boat projects like the S/V Pagoo, plywood kayaks, and the Craigslist sailboat (update: I sold the small sailboat to the St. Paul Saints as a prop/prize for one of their halftime […]

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