What fate for the S/V Pagoo?

Last year I regretfully had to sell my sailboat, the Pagoo. Originally a moldy derelict in Elfin Cove, I’d spent several years refurbishing, rebuilding, and sailing the 24′ Bayliner Buccaneer around northern Southeast Alaska. Since my life had taken me to Minnesota more or less long-term, and transport cross-country being cost and time-prohibitive, I decided to pass the boat on to someone else who could make use of it locally.

After posting an ad on Craigslist and some flyers around town I found a buyer. I carefully explained all the faults I could think of (and there were a few, it was a work in progress), and turned over the Pagoo along with a literal boatload of spare parts, equipment, books, and other extras.

Fast forward a year, and I get an email from someone else who had looked at buying Pagoo in 2009. They had noticed the boat tied up in Auke Bay, accumulating tickets (supposedly the new owner had secured a slip in Douglas harbor).

A quick call to the Auke Bay harbormaster confirmed it. Pagoo is apparently abandoned, the new owner unable to be reached. The dinghy is sinking at the dock, there is apparently some kind of mechanical problem (did he manage to kill BOTH outboards? Finicky as they were, they could always be persuaded to run eventually). The harbor staff indicated they were close to impounding the Pagoo, at which point it would be auctioned or, if they thought it was in bad condition, “sent to the crusher”!

I’m sure the boat is in good enough shape to have value to SOMEONE, although whether the harbor staff recognizes that, I don’t know. Even if the new owner has stripped and neglected it, it’s definitely in better shape now than it was when I got it! The rigging and hardware alone ran me almost a grand in parts. I’m hoping that someone manages to save it if it comes to harbor impoundment!

In addition, I came across this photo from March showing Pagoo parked behind the classy yacht. It looks like someone didn’t even furl the main sail properly!


I tried to contact the new owner by phone and email, with no response. What happened? Where is the owner? Why isn’t he at least trying to sell it to pay off the harbor fees and tickets?! What is going to happen to my boat? Even though it’s not “mine” anymore, I still feel bad for its sad abandoned state! If I were still in the area I’d be trying to do more, but I’m at a loss for what more I can do from the Midwest. I don’t even have much left from the sale, due to some recent medical bills.

I am kinda bummed out 😦


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