A few photos from ’09 and ’10.

Megan the pirate!

I dug a few pictures off my cell phone recently. I’m too lazy to sort these into actual pages or anything, or even to put them on Facebook (now that’s lazy!)


The Monarchmobile!

The Monarchmobile!

Rachael's cat Wobbler after we caught him as a stray kitten in her garage.

Even Catan gets boring sometimes.

Don't do drugs?

More plywood kayak construction

I miss my sailboat 😦


2 Responses to A few photos from ’09 and ’10.

  1. DC says:

    You should totally paint your rustmobile like that monarchmobile, it would be totally sweet.

  2. Michael Long says:

    Hi, I found your site through a google search for information on Bucaneer 24′ boats. I recently bought one completely gutted and ready for restoration. I am 18 and in college with absolutely no sailing experience or general sail boat knowledge. I was wondering if you would mind if I sent you an email for advice once in awhile if I ever hit any road blocks. I see that you have restored one yourself, and did a great job. If its alright with you, you can email me at Mikelong1029@yahoo.com, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    P.S – All of your projects look pretty awesome!

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