Greatest Police Blotter Ever

I am currently in Mariposa, CA, a town whose police blotter is so ridiculous that it’s apparently been featured on Leno. The highlights from recent issues:

•There was a horrible odor in a house on Buckeye Road.

•There were rocks on Highway 140.

•A red-tailed hawk was in a house on Yosemite Oaks Road.

•A fence was vandalized in Coulterville.

•A tree was across Triangle Road.

•A lawn was on fire on Red Cloud Mine Road.

•There was a cow problem on Highway 49 South.

•A person was reportedly disoriented on Indian Peak Road.

•Someone found a tent on McMahon Road.

•A burning smell was reported on Coyote Court.

The link to the current issue is here:


One Response to Greatest Police Blotter Ever

  1. Police blotters are great entertainment! Whenever I’m down on myself and need to feel smarter, quicker, faster, or nicer, the first place I go is the blotter! I post entries from Denton, TX from time to time. My readers love ’em! 🙂

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