Old, old updates (they’re really old!)

All the really old posts from the old Saveitforparts.com front page. I guess it’s a blog now….   For now I wouldn’t trust internal links in the following text to work on the new site location, although they may still go to content on my old host.

Archived updates (I swear this still isn’t a blog, really!)
*******9-10-07I’m back in the Twin Cities for another year of grad school. I have some pretty exciting classes and a new job at the Borchert Map Library. I have a big backlog of updates for this site, including a lot of photos from the flatlands that need to get updated. Someday I’ll make a real content-filled update, but at the moment this site seems to have devolved into a very inefficient blog (html+ftp FTW!)All the old content from SIFP should be back up! That includes Sitka WWII (which is looking a bit shabby these days).*******7-20-07These were supposed to be linked a long time ago, but I spaced it out after linking it to a few people. Anyway, here’s the link to photos from our New Years trip to Europe:   Europe Photos

In other news, I’m out fishing again, and have only limited access via a Treo cellphone. Occasionally we’re in town (Elfin Cove, Alaska), and I can take advantage of some poor sucker’s satellite uplink and wifi to get content online.


Saveitforparts is back online!
The site was down for a quite a while due to my own laziness and ASUAF’s usual incompetance. (Also I would have hassled ASUAF’s sysadmin more, but I don’t want them to realize I’m not a student anymore and have way more than the normal storage quota… heh. We’re now temporarily on UMN’s student webserver until I can get a real host or figure out how to use my housemate’s Apache server. Naturally there are no actual updates, since that would be far too time consuming! (Seriously, I’m so busy I barely have time to do homework!)There are still a few problems and missing files, but I’m working on restoring everything!

I’m also planning on fishing again this summer, I’ll be driving to the West coast (Portland/Seattle) with some friends and flying back to Alaska for midsummer from there. I’ll probably sail around a bit too. I apparently have another semester of grad school left since I’m a slacker or something, it’s becoming really hard to finish college degree programs in the old “standard” time frame! I totally updated the sailboat photos too.

I’ve been doing some caving, boat repair, radio stuff, and other projects over the winter. Hassle me via email and maybe I’ll actually put up some photos!

* * * * * 11-3-06
I need to update this thing more often… but I never got into the whole blog thing. The closest I have is a facebook account that gets neglected almost as much as this website.  It’s now my 2nd year of Grad School in Murderapolis, and I’m living in a sweet house with a bunch of cool people. You should totally check out the pictures and then harrass me to update this website more often.

* * * * * 7-25-06
Another summer of commercial fishing, and a few photos up right here.

* * * * * 8-26-05
I’m off to graduate school at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. Chosen partly for it’s good tech reputation, partly for the location and community, and partly because I’m too lazy to get a real job. I was almost too lazy to get accepted, since I missed one of the multiple seperate application deadlines and then had to wait around for some other stuff.

I’ve been sailing all summer, and as a consequence there are some more new sailboat pictures. The rest of the site is pretty much the same, because I’m still lazy.

* * * * * 4-24-05
Even more sailboat photos (at the bottom and in the mast raising section), some new dorm room pics in the about page, and morephotos (at the bottom).

* * * * * 4-20-05
A long overdue update, including new sailboat stuff, and some new pictures on the photos page.

* * * * * 10-28-04
Added some photos of a cool homemade submarine on the photos page. Also added some computer pics and photos from home.

* * * * * 9-1-04
Best Buy is retarded.

* * * * * 9-1-04
Updated photos of the sailboat, looking all shiny and much better after a summer of work.

* * * * * 12-1-04
New photos of my computers, including a case mod on my dumpster Dell which confirms my status as a l33t h4x0r loser.

* * * * * 12-23-03
I got a somewhat odd email from a Pakistani highschool trying to buy computers from my site. I started a new page for strange emails, maybe I’ll put up the “icebreaker to the center of the earth” and ” zod the reincarnated rastafarian priest” emails that I get at my work address.


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